Symptoms of Guilt

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Guilt is a prominent word among psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and ministers too. The dictionary calls guilt “the act or state of having done a wrong or committed an offense.” The symptoms of guilt are many, but the root cause is one.

We have broken the moral law of the universe as expressed in the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. So we have a sense of guilt.

This guilt causes a variety of psychological problems such as insecurity, tension, hunger for approval, struggles for recognition. A sense of guilt, some psychiatrists point out, is as necessary as a sense of pain. We need both in order to keep us from getting hurt.

Prayer for the day

Your Holy Spirit touches my heart and makes me conscious of my guilt. Forgive me, Lord.

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  1. adepeju robert james says:

    Lord jesus christ I know that my sin is not hid from you, forgive me of all my sin and cover them with your blood and help me not to be blot away from your book of life

  2. Gerry says:

    Thank God for feelings of guilt. They are a necessary reminder that we have much more to learn . We need God in our lives every single day…..not just Sunday mornings.

  3. Joyce Paul says:

    Lord, we know our sin is never private though we may try to hide it. Help us to remember that we belong to You n to one another n that what we do individually grieve You n impact fellow christians. PRAISE LORD! Amen.