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Apart from religious influence, the family is the most important unit of society. It would be good if every home were Christian, but we know that it is not so. The family and the home can never exert their proper influence while ignoring the biblical standard. The Bible calls for discipline and a recognition of authority. If children do not learn this at home, they will go out into society without the proper attitude toward authority and law. There is always the exceptional child, but the average tells us that the child is largely what the home has made him. The only way to provide the right home for your children is to put the Lord above them, and fully instruct them in the ways of the Lord. You are responsible before God for the home you provide for them.

“Never Take Fatherhood Lightly”: A message from Billy Graham’s grandson, Will Graham

Prayer for the day

Father, keep me from any word or deed that might hinder a child from loving You.

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  1. Endy Smera Marak says:

    I’m a mother of 9 months old baby girl…we really need your prayers so that we will be able to raise our child in accordance with God’s word.pray that me and my husband will be able to provide her such a home where she will grow in the knowledge of God.

  2. Deborah Butler says:

    So many family values have been destroyed because of the new laws that have been passed. What’s worse is the fact that, if we speak out against these laws, we are labeled as terrorists.

  3. Jay Wren says:

    And for this reason a MAN shall LEAVE his mother and father and cling onto his wife! We are to grow up and LEAVE the family, but we are called to look after our widows. It’s a shame when people still continue to look to their parents for aid, rather than their advice.

  4. Carolyn B. Gauthier says:

    Thanks for sending – GOD BLESS – AMEN

  5. Rhea says:

    Oh Lord I have failed to put You first in my own life for so long, thank you that You are so Faithful to not only forgive us our sin but to even forget them if we repent them as soon as we remember. I Love You Father and in this last year You have seen the changes brought about by others as well as myself. Thank you for Always keeping me in the palm of Your Beautiful Hand and for all of the promises in our Love letter from You. Lord help me to do all You want me to do, help me to be who and what You want me to be, as I ask always Lord less and less of me But oh Father how I long to have more and All of You in me, with me, and especially for my children and my grand children, Lord Bless them to recall Your Word in times of trouble, stress, peer pressure and all that goes with being one of Your Children as they all are because They are all a Child of The One True King…Because You sent Him to die for all of their sins as You did for the whole world. Thank You Lord for all You do and Bless us with daily, It is in the Name of Jesus I can talk with You and ask these things of You. Amen and Amen

  6. Janice knapp says:

    Pray for Billy Graham!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I am a young mom of three with a husband not as spiritual as I once was. We need a lot of prayer for our family to know how to instruct our children spiritually.

  8. B Kolarik says:

    This hangs over my head everyday. When I loose my patience with the kids (6yrs, 4yrs, 3yrs and 7 months) I always pray that God will continue His work in them. I pray that all four will love and follow God.

  9. moses ambii says:

    Thank you very much for this insight.

  10. Leo says:

    “The Bible calls for discipline and a recognition of authority” can a parent be so “hard” that when child is 18 yrs they leave and do opposite of what they were taught?