Relying on Grace

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Let us face this fact: We came into the world with nothing, and we will leave it with nothing. Where do we get the notion that man’s idea of success and God’s are the same? You have written a book; you are a clever manager and promoter; you are a talented artist; you are independently rich; you have achieved fame and fortune. Without the gifts of intelligence, imagination, personality, and physical energy—which are all endowed by God—where would you be? Are we not born poor? Do we not die poor? And would we not be poor indeed without God’s infinite mercy and love?

We came out of nothing; and if we are anything, it is because God is everything. If He were to withhold His power for one brief instant from us, if He were to hold in check the breath of life for one moment, our physical existence would shrivel into nothingness, and our souls would be whisked away into an endless eternity. Those who are poor in spirit recognize their creatureliness and their sinfulness—but more, they are ready to confess their sins and renounce them.

If God is in control, why do bad things happen? Read more. 

Listen to this 1-minute message from Billy Graham on grace.

Prayer for the day

All I have or am, Lord God, has been given to me by Your almighty hands. Forgive me when I tend to boast about my own accomplishments—for I am nothing without Your grace and love.

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  1. Rose Lu says:

    Rev.Billy Graham,has been a blessing to me..thank God for his messages,his love in sharing Gods word!to GOD be the glory…God bless,good health.thank you very much.

  2. Judy says:

    RVVSAO–>Indeed we do love BGEA…Father/Son. Thank you for sending us the Great Comforter/the Holy Spirit.

  3. Liz says:

    God bless you and thank you for being a blessing to me and my family. Merry Christmas.

  4. joyce loving says:

    thank God for your life and for you allowing God to lead. God Bless

  5. Bob DeGraw says:

    What ever i have i know comes from God. Lord forgive me when i worry and teach me to lean on you for everything with praise and thanksgiving.As i grow older i see more and more just how temporary the things of this world are, My hope is in God.

  6. mike plude says:

    I hope this message finds you well, brother Billy

  7. Gerry says:

    Be thankful, not boastful , be humble , not proud. Only God is the Alpha and the Omega ….. not you. Your wealth will not matter when you draw your last breath. Praise the Triune Godhead…….Father , Son and Holy Spirit and enjoy eternity.

  8. D.S.Rajsekhar,Triplicane,Chennai. says:

    Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves ; but our sufficiency is of God.However when an embodiment of persistence,courage & humility departs,we cannot stop the tears for Madiba.

  9. slc says:

    Every devotional I read has been very comforting and encouraging to me.