Refining Fire

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Why do Christians suffer? Rest assured that there is a reason for Christian people being afflicted. One reason why God’s people suffer, according to the Bible, is that it is a disciplinary, chastening, and molding process. From the Scriptures we learn that the chastening of affliction is a step in the process of our full and complete development. Affliction can also be a means of refining and of purification. Many a life has come forth from the furnace of affliction more beautiful and more useful than before.

Read more about why people suffer.

Take a moment to meditate on these 15 comforting Bible verses for troubled times.

Prayer for the day

Lord, whatever I have to face, through it let me learn more of Your love and compassion.

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  1. olabisi janet bodunrin says:

    God is always our present help in our times of need. Glory to God.

  2. Joyce Paul says:

    When GOD gives us a New Begining, we find a Joy that’s Never Ending. GLORY TO GOD! Amen.

  3. Adepeju Robert James says:


  4. Joe says:


  5. isibor o Elvis says:

    Thank you Jesus

  6. Patricia Doyle Lungi says:

    My Grandma was totally blind and partially deaf for most of her life. In her later years she was also riddled with arthritis. She cooked. She cleaned. She never once complained. She was a model for us all. Today, I believe she is a Saint.

  7. Gerry says:

    Difficult times in life can be both trying and seemingly, unending. God’s Holy Word says he will not give us more than we can bear. Peace can be found by trying to remain focused on him rather than your situation. When it’s over you will hopefully be a more mature and useful servant.

  8. Gerry says:

    When seasons of difficulty fall upon us, reach out to God. For he is ready , willing and able to help. In any situation . All you have to do is ask .

  9. Joshua C.Abel says:

    I pray that God throughs His churches will bring USA to Himself again,that Christians will hve so much power to influence the Nation of America….In Jesus’ Name,Amen