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Thousands of people have made plans to escape from the realities of life. A new word has come into common usage the last few years. That word is “escapism.” The dictionary defines it as “a retreat from reality into an imaginary world.” The escape of imagination. Solomon spoke of the unregenerate heart as one which is inclined to excessive fantasy. The dream world Satan promotes always ends with disillusionment. Thousands of people live in an unreal dream world, while shirking their responsibilities toward their families and toward God. The Bible teaches that with Christ in your heart, you can face the realities of life. Even though they are hard, the grace of God will give you greater joy and pleasure than any dream world to which you try to escape.

Looking for joy in the midst of trouble? Listen to this Billy Graham audio message.

Prayer for the day

Lord, so often my thoughts make a wasteland of what You are wanting to plant there. This day let every one of them be captive to Your leading.

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  1. madalitso chiwaula says:

    Its always an inspiration to hear Christ speaking to my life through his ambassador on earth, Billy Graham

  2. Gerry says:

    Rather than run from the realities of life, hand them over to Christ. He is more than ready, willing and able to help.

  3. Joyce Paul says:

    We have same resource. God has given us His Word and Spirit to guide us and keep us from being deceived or misled.JESUS Gives The Best Life!PRAISE LORD!!!

  4. Cathy says:

    I just heard this word for the first time last week – “escapism”. Satan is so happy thinking he has another trick up his sleeve but OUR GOD ALWAYS WINS!! —

    Escapism vs. GOD’s WORD – NO CONTEST! —– PHILLIPIANS 4:13

  5. Gerry says:

    There is only one type of “escapism” that will positively change your life, forever. That is to escape from a “Christ-less” world and join the “Christ-filled” world. Do this by asking him into your life and accepting him as your personal Lord and Savior.

  6. joy says:

    Thankyou. God’s love is the strongest force on earth. May we not put God to the test. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. “

  7. Sue says:

    Broken homes, not facing up to problems, or working any matters out but running from them is a form of escapism that will not help. We must live our lives to please God and obey Him. He will see us through any hard times. Look at the world today with broken homes, and problems that have not been worked out with others. Is it pleasing God or pleasing Satan? Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we must follow in the path of righteousness and obey to make God happy.

  8. admassu says:

    Lord help me face the difficult reality with your grace.

  9. joy says:

    Joyjanelaineedwina say thankyou. “For by grace are you saved by faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of works lest any man should boast. Praise the Lord. Thankyou.

  10. D.S.Rajsekhar.Triplicane,Chennai. says:

    New ideas,new platforms & new directions are the ‘in’ things now.Escapism is only a ruse to shirk responsibility.The Bible tears asunder all masks & exposes our wicked hearts.If satan had known what the Blood of Christ would accomplish,prior to His
    crucifixion ,he would have prevented it.It’s too late,now.Escapism is the ploy of satan to trap the gullible into perdition.Satan is bent upon breaking the family unit.However Noah found grace in the eyes of The Lord & prevailed,despite him & his family being surrounded by wild animals in the ark.