Practice the Fruits of the Spirit

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Christ can rid you of inner conflict. Man without God is always torn between two urges. His nature prompts him to do wrong, and his conscience urges him to do right. Antagonistic desires and crossed-up emotions keep him in a state of personal instability. Medical men have almost concluded that this conflict is the basis of much physical breakdown and nervous collapse. Many doctors now believe that among the contributing causes of the common cold are stress, tension, and inner conflict. Paul must have been in the midst of such a personal civil war when he cried, “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” Then he answered his own question when he said, “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Read more about how to practice the fruits of the spirit in your life.

Prayer for the day

Only Your Holy Spirit, Lord, can control my innermost feelings. Help me to be conscious of Your presence this day.

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  1. Tamfu Emmanuel says:

    God bless you for everything. I am blessed by this

  2. Ocheme Joseph says:

    Billy’s messages are life transforming. I believe that Billy is a rare gift to humanity.

  3. Ocheme Joseph says:

    Encountering life transforming messages. Billy, a true 2 humanity.

  4. Pricila says:

    I was talking this morning to God about the same feeling my mind says leave this person, you cannot carry someone or think that your gonna change him, keep goin with your life, he doesn’t want to be help, think in yourself and my heart says have patience, or just be mercyful as God is mercyful to you, and it makes me feel exhaust. (I’m talking about my fiancé, I’m not married yet but I gave my promise to this person so I have to fullfill it. Thank you for this devotional I realize I’m not the only one 🙂

  5. sumanthide a way out says:

    Praise the lord… I really thank god for this love for me…. am a great sinner still he forgived me…. please pray for my life as I am going through some tough problems of relationship… thank u so much

  6. chris hopwood says:

    Thanks for this message.

  7. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you. I love your devotions. The two women in the picture are controlled by the Holy Spirit. We also can let God’s Holy Spirit control us, and we will have perfect peace and guidance.

  8. ellen mcclung says:

    . Thank you for being out there.

  9. jackline says:

    i was blessed

  10. Gerald Miller says:

    Hi : DR. GRAHAM Dear “LORD” we ask for “GOD’S blessing’s on all our prayer’s , we ask this in
    “JESUS” name Amen .