Plan for Suffering

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Our life has its beginning in suffering. Life’s span is marked by pain and tragedy, and our lives terminate with the enemy called death. The person who expects to escape the pangs of suffering and disappointment simply has no knowledge of the Bible, of history, or of life. The master musician knows that suffering precedes glory and acclaim. He knows the hours, days, and months of grueling practice and self-sacrifice that precede the one hour of perfect rendition when his mastership is applauded. The student knows that years of study, privation and self-renunciation precede the triumphant day of graduation and honors. Yes, there are clouds of suffering for each one of us, but God says, “I come to you in the thick dark cloud of suffering,” By faith you can see His blessed face in the storm. God has His plan and purpose in all suffering.

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Prayer for the day

Heavenly Father, help me to remember that none of my suffering is in vain. Through it teach me more of Your love and comfort.

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  1. Chris Gulla says:

    I am a senior citizen with many serious health issues. I lay in bed every night pleading with the Lord to help get me through the night. Please pray for me as I am very unhappy.

    1. LYNNE MEEKS says:


    2. Sandi says:

      Chris – I have lifted you up in prayer. I have not experienced what you are going through, but I can and do pray daily.. I pray God will restore your health and ease your suffering

  2. Angie Plata says:

    Awesome God bless

  3. matipa chibesa says:

    in this day and age when most preachers only preach about prosperity, it is a blessing to hear this topic because i even began questioning my Christianity as most preachers claim that a Christian is not supposed to suffer. so thank so much.

    1. Sandi says:

      Amen. Nothing wrong with prosperity, but sometimes we do go through suggesting and pain. Setting people up to think otherwise is when it comes they are not prepared or think they are less of a Christian

  4. Jean De Young says:

    Even in suffering God walks with us!

  5. ellie cantu says:

    Thank you for your word of comfort.

  6. Harold says:

    No matter what God is there. Thank you Father for all your teachings and Blessings Amen

  7. Nwodo Godwin says:

    Yes,some suffering were meant to prepare one for the glory ahead. but how can we know the one resulting as a punishment for our sins and those created by our enemy and possible means to avert them. I will be glad if am clarified. Thanks.

  8. Ginny Lucier says:

    Thank you BGEA and may God bless you daily for all things you do to bring salvation to the lost

  9. Angie Patterson says:

    I am blessed each day by the posts from the BGEA! Always a reminder of Gods Perfect Love for His children! Thank you for posting the scripture and devotion each day! I have so much respect for Dr. Graham and your whole family! May God bless and use you all to continue to bring God’s word to us!

  10. Judy Siglin says:

    For the past 5 years I was in the middle of a very trying time. I prayed daily for God to help me forgive the people who wronged me. I could not forgive them in my own power. Only God could do it, and He did. I also prayed everyday for God to help me to rely completely on Him and His perfect will for my life. Well I can honestly say that I now know that I am powerless! Only God can direct my path, I must simply follow. Once I realized that God truly is my only soure of power and that His will is perfect could God bless me. He answered my 5 year prayer! He has blessed me! He is good! All the time. I love Him, and He loves me. Now I can move on in service to others, in His Name! AMEN!

    1. David says:

      Amen Thanks be to Jesus our Lord and Savior!!