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When temptations come, let me suggest that you ask God for strength-and also to show you the way He has prepared for your escape. One other word of counsel; be very sure that you do not deliberately place yourself in a position to be tempted. All of us are not subjected to the same weaknesses and temptations. To one, alcohol may be the temptation; to another, it may be impure thoughts and acts; to another, greed and covetousness; to another, criticism and an unloving attitude. Regardless of what it may be, be sure that Satan will tempt you at your weak point, not the strong. Our Lord has given us an example of how to overcome the devil’s temptations. When He was tempted in the wilderness, He defeated Satan every time by the use of the Bible.

Biblical Advice on Facing Temptation

Prayer for the day

With the shield of Your Word, I will face temptation, almighty God.

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  1. Patricia Sadler says:

    Thank you for the Billy Graham ministry.

  2. Stephen Sam says:

    Please pray for me. I Get temptation and very often i fail to resist it.I get temptation of impure thoughts and it leads me to do all the dirty work.I want to be free of this thing,please please please PRAY for me.

    1. randall e ellison jr says:

      do not resist temptation and flee the devil, resist the devil and flee temptation.

    2. jonny says:

      Hey brother I’m jonny I’m 23 myself and understand completely but i still have acted on inpure thoughts, intact today i have again and satan won the battle but won’t win the war, ill keep ya on my prayers as i hope you’ll keep me in yours

  3. John says:

    i am blessed by your words you send me from God. God bless you

  4. Walter Wade Elliott says:


  5. Curly Wolter says:

    Thank you for this blessing

  6. BC Guilbeau says:

    I am praying for the Lord to lead me out of all temptation through prayer and the power of his Word, Amen. please pray this for me, as well…Thanks…God Bless! ✴

  7. michael martin says:

    I want to finish well. I know with men it starts in the mind then the heart, its a struggle every day, but so far a victory. I hope some how its pleasing to the lord when we overcome our sinful thoughts each day. But wish didn’t have to fight it so often. It shows me how I needed a savour.

  8. Arline says:

    Prayer for my mother had a stoke paralyzed left side, my father has dementia… Come in agreement with me as I know God is the ultimate Healer thank you

  9. olusegun says:

    I’m BLESSED..feel like an overcomer

  10. mel says:

    i love these life lessons