Our Eternal Home

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What kind of place is heaven?

First, heaven is home. The Bible takes the word “home” with all of its tender associations and with all of its sacred memories and tells us that heaven is home. Second, heaven is a home which is permanent. We have the promise of a home where Christ’s followers will remain forever. Third, the Bible teaches that heaven is a home which is beautiful beyond every imagination. Heaven could not help but be so, because God is a God of beauty. Fourth, the Bible teaches that heaven will be a home which is happy, because there will be nothing to make it sad. In heaven families and friends will be reunited. God’s house will be a happy home because Christ will be there. He will be the center of heaven. To Him all hearts will turn, and upon Him all eyes will rest.

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Prayer for the day

As I think of the promise of an eternal home with You and the reunion with my loved ones—I rejoice!

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  1. Judy Mentzer says:

    Praise God for a Heavenly home and family. Pray for our earthly families working to make their earthly homes a place of love and comfort

  2. Olivia says:

    Home sweet home,when the roll is called up yonder,i will be there bcos of His grace.Hallaluyah

  3. john wix says:

    I think He will return soon but I am sad that so many do not know Him.

  4. Esther says:

    I pray to experience this Heaven here on earth and enter it for all eternity… I pray no one in my family will miss Heaven or anyone for that matter. Into Your hands we commit our longing, thirst and Desires Lord!

  5. Ellen Laegreid says:

    Look forward to reading more

  6. Diane Rothrock says:

    These words brought me comfort. Lost my precious Mom 20 months ago. I know she is happy, with friends & family. She is in a gorgeous place with our Lord and Saviour.

  7. emma says:

    Soothing to my soul..amen

  8. Teresa Wesson says:

    Thank you for so much inspiration and blessings listening to Gods word

  9. Adelene Chong says:

    Very good. My friends who do not know Christ yet can have the opportunity to know a little of our God, through this short and simple message!

  10. Arthur Kiho says:

    i pray for mankind that we all see the light