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Lord Chesterton once said, “I believe in bedside repentance, but I do not want to depend upon it.” During a serious illness a person’s mind does not function normally. Getting right with God is something one should do in the bloom of health. However, as far as the Lord is concerned, “His ear is not heavy that He cannot hear, nor His arm shortened that He cannot save.” He loves us equally, in sickness or in health; while we are living, or while we are dying. In my experience, I have not known of too many people who found Christ on their deathbed. When we come to Christ in our youth, a life is saved. When we come in old age, a soul is salvaged and life eternal is assured; but the opportunity to live a life for Christ has been lost.

Prayer for the day

Lord God, burden my heart to reach out to the young persons starting their adventure in life—and the old persons dreading the end of their journey. Let me tell them the message of Your saving love.

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  1. King B. Johnson says:


  2. Patrick Jumat says:

    Amen it is true but I believe it is better to find the Lord Jesus Christ while you young because as the Word of God states:”Seek the Lord while you young before coming of the difficult years”!

  3. Gerry says:

    It’s always tragic to see someone deliberately postponing , accepting Christ, until they’ve had their fill of “anything goes”, the world considers fun. They think they’ll do that when they’re ready, plenty of time……Then they die suddenly, unsaved. It happens every day and every city around the world . No one knows when that moment will occur. The Bible is abundantly clear . Where there is life, there is hope .

  4. Jack Miller says:

    All Glory to God as we patiently await the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ. May the peace of the Lord be with you all this day. Amen Amen.

  5. Joyce Paul says:

    Dear LORD,Thank YOU for YOUR Word that teaches me how to love YOU n others.Thank YOU also for the Dr Graham YOU place in my life to remind me of YOUR Truth! God Bless you n BGEA! Amen.