No Reason to Hurry

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This is a high-strung, neurotic, impatient age. We hurry when there is no reason to hurry—just to be hurrying. This fast-paced age has produced more problems and less morality than previous generations, and it has given all of us jangled nerves. Impatience has produced a new crop of broken homes, or more new ulcers, and has set the stage for more world wars.

See what the Bible says about impatience.

Prayer for the day

May my heart be still amid all the turmoil, as I remember Your patience with me, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Pastor Andrew Oladepo says:

    Its an encouraging time.God bless you.

  2. says:

    I’m truly blessed

  3. carol says:

    this is great its rilly helping me keep it up

  4. PAUL says:


  5. roxan aying says:

    This is what I am learning at this point in time!

  6. roxan aying says:

    I am so much blessed!

  7. Dorothy J. Rader says:

    I have been a “listener” to you, Rev. Graham, for most of my 66 years of life now. I read “Unto the Hills” every single day. Your words are a guiding light to this old Christian. I thank God for giving my generation YOU! I don’t think I shall see another Billy Graham in my lifetime . . . more’s the pity . . . the young folks of today have missed your deliverance of God’s Word in the way no one else has ever been able to do. You are my blessing every day, Rev. Graham. I thank God for sending you to those of us who follow the Lord Jesus Christ!

  8. bubu says:

    ya patience matters!!!!

  9. Rachel says:

    Thank you, Dr. Graham! Glory! Your word is faithful to always point to Christ as the shining light and how He never fails us. What an encouragement and timely reminder to remember He indeed has a plan for each and every once of His believers in their lives! Thank you, Dr. Graham – the LORD bless you and your family.