Loving One Another

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One of the growing psychological problems facing people today is loneliness. One of the greatest ministries that a person can have today is just being a good listener. Many people are longing not only to be loved but to have someone who will listen to them. When we love God with all our hearts, then we have the capacity to love our neighbor. The greatest need in the world today is not more science, not more social engineering, not more teaching, not more knowledge, not more power, not even more preaching—the greatest need we have today is for love. And the only way that love can be supplied is by a supernatural act of the Holy Spirit that transforms lives.

The love that God gives is not the ordinary love that we find in the world today. When we love our neighbors, it is not our loving with natural love, it is God loving through us. If you are willing to do this, God will give you His love.

Read more from Billy Graham about being patient and loving toward others.

Prayer for the day

I love You, Jesus. How often I take for granted Your immeasurable act of love for me upon the cross. Help me to keep my eyes fixed on You, that through Your supreme example I can reach out to my neighbor.

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  1. Bernetta Bennett says:



    god bless you billy graham and your ministry,you are a inspiration to me and many,love in Christ



  4. Evelyn May says:

    thank you for the powerful message!

  5. Ogbaji Davepaddy says:

    Alway keep me posted
    love u Billy

  6. Christine Jacobs says:

    Thank you for this message. Amen….

  7. rowena carrillo says:

    thank you very much Jesus for the unconditional love you gave to us. My this kind of love you have given will share it to others.

  8. Patricia Johnson says:

    Thank you for this. I am going thru a divorce and my husband keeps saying “love is not enough”. I truly pray he might understand the TRUE meaning of Love! God’s LOVE!

  9. sandra genaw says:

    love Billy Graham