Limitless God

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The world’s millions could come down to the beach and reach out their hands to be filled with sea water. They could each take as much as they wanted, as much as they needed-and still the ocean would remain unchanged. Its might and power would be the same, the life in its unfathomable depths would continue unaltered, although it had supplied the needs of every single person standing with outstretched hands along its shores.

So it is with God. He can be everywhere at once, heeding the prayers of all who call out in the name of Christ; performing the mighty miracles that keep the stars in their places, and the plants bursting up through the earth, and the fish swimming in the sea. There is no limit to God. There is no limit to His wisdom. There is no limit to His power. There is no limit to His love. There is no limit to His mercy.

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Prayer for the day

Almighty God, how glorious are my thoughts of You, for You are everywhere—loving and caring for the minutest details of our lives!

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  1. James Vallarta says:

    I really love all these verses. They really help me.

  2. Bacelia says:

    U really love to read the words of Billy Graham he always lift my spirit

  3. Rachel Goins says:

    God bless you, thank you.

  4. Sandra Dupont says:

    I love to listen to Billy Graham. Also Franklin. God is eternal and everlasting. God be praised!

  5. Anna Marie Squatrito says:

    Send me prayers for each day

  6. Carly Smith says:

    Reverend Billy Graham’s God inspired thoughts and prayers for our nation and world are always so appreciated and welcomed. In a crazy, hectic, too often volatile world it’s too easy to get lost in daily worries and concerns of everyday life. These gentle reminders that we’re not alone, and we don’t have to face the chaos of this life without sound, unwavering truth, guidance and hope. That we have an Almighty, Loving God who wants the very best for us, and is more then willing and able to give us a life and future full of peace, hope, and joy if we will only give our lives and hearts to him. Thank you Reverend Graham and your ministry for continuing to be a leaders of truth and hope!

  7. Ken park says:

    Devote yourself to God

  8. Elizabeth Rajendran says:

    I have great admiration for Dr.Billy Graham ministry.Praying for his ministry

  9. Susan davis says:

    I need all the positive thoughts my way.