Life Worth Living

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“Is life worth living?” To scores of people life has ceased to be worth living. To all of you I have good news. God did not create you to be a defeated, discouraged, frustrated, wandering soul, seeking in vain for peace of heart and peace of mind. He has bigger plans for you. He has a larger orb and a greater life for you.

The answer to your problem, however great, is as near as your Bible, as simple as first-grade arithmetic, and as real as your heartbeat. Upon the authority of God’s Word, I tell you that Christ is the answer to every baffling perplexity which plagues mankind. In Him is found the cure for care, a balm for bereavement, a healing for our hurts, and a sufficiency for our insufficiency.

Here are 15 comforting Bible verses for troubled times.

Prayer for the day

Teach me, Lord, as today I read Your Word, that the life You would have me live is one of joy and fulfillment.

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  1. Christiru Graves says:

    Thank You Jesus for Loving us enough to suffer The Cross for our salvation! Altho we are all full of sin you still Love us unconditionally . So very grateful for this which I know I do not deserve. However you still Love me! Still protect me ! Still quide me! and I need a lot of that! Still forgive me . Heavenly Heavenly Father I Love You So Much! Love is what we have on earth that is truly worth having it is the only thing which really truly matters. Love is also all we take with us when we go to the Father ! He will not allow anything other than Love to enter in ! Thank You Jesus for giving us all this! Praise Your holy Name!

  2. Sennu Vaiphei says:

    Lord! I thank u that you will fill my insufficiency with your sufficiency and you will make my life beautiful, blessed and to be a blessing for others.

  3. Kelvin j says:

    Lord Jesus give me life.

  4. Germaine Finnerty says:

    Thank you for your encoursging words, so refreshimg. Amen

  5. Chef Joe says:

    Thank U Lord Jesus 4 giving me such a simple life of FAITH IN U!!!

  6. egwu victor uro says:

    pls man of God, i need ur prayers. I married since 2007 till date no kids. Pls man of God pray 4 me.

  7. egwu victor uro says:

    man of God i thank u so much ur word have revive me. May the almight God increase ur anointing in d name of jesus christ. Amen

  8. Ken says:

    It is good to stop wherever you are and just sit and read these words. It’s like spiritually counting to ten, taking a deep breath, or lying down in bed at night and letting your body relax. Thanks for this daily devotion.

  9. Wendy says:

    Praying you will soon be feeling better & home again–Pastor Billy
    I’m sure your lovely dog misses you

  10. Anna Retzer says:

    Thank you for giving me encouragement!