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With a frequency that is amazing, the Bible affirms the fact of the bodily resurrection of Christ. Perhaps the most direct of all its statements is Luke’s account in the book of Acts, where he reports, “To whom also he shewed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days” (Acts 1:3). What are we going to do with these “many infallible proofs”? Someone asked my colleague George Beverly Shea how much he knew about God. He said, “I don’t know much, but what I do know has changed my life.” We may not be able to take all of this evidence into a scientific laboratory and prove it; but, if we accept any fact of history, we must accept the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Audio: Billy Graham explains how the risen Christ is adequate for the world’s problems.

Prayer for the day

All the arguments concerning Your existence are refuted, Lord Jesus, as I feel Your presence each day. It causes my soul to rejoice knowing that You, my living Lord, are with me!

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  1. Marianne C says:

    Lord Jesus, I pray for your intervention in my situation. Father you know what has occurred. I pray for your relief. Show me your way. You are the truth and light. In Jesus’ name, amen. Please pray for me brothers and sisters.

  2. Sherri Flowers Wilke says:

    Give me even more faith. I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old. I am now 76. But I keep learning all the time. I am a TBN partner on TV. Thanks be to God.

  3. DD says:

    The photography is stellar. It paints the 1,000 words the devotional is saying.

  4. James Vallarta says:

    Help me in Jesus’ name. God bless. I am overwhelmed!
    Jim V.

    1. Marianne C says:

      Lifting you up in prayer.