Lean on the Rock

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man standing on rock

When you become a Christian, it doesn’t mean that you will live on a perpetual “high.” The Psalmist David went down to the very depths, and so did the Apostle Paul. But in the midst of all circumstances God’s grace, peace, and joy are there. The tears will still come, the pressures will be felt, and so will the temptations. But there is a new dimension, a new direction, and a new power in life to face the circumstances in which you live.

Listen to a 1-minute message on hope in the midst of suffering.

Prayer for the day

David and Paul have given me the example of trusting You, Lord, even in the excruciating valleys of life. Like them, I praise You.

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  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for always being there dear Lord.

  2. Gerry says:

    No one is exempt from troubles and trials. As believers though we have a source of strength that extends far beyond our human strength. That is the strength that comes from the Holy Spirit of God.

  3. Jennifer D. Burnette says:

    I BELIEVE IN GOD, THE FATHER ALMIGHTY, Maker of Heaven & Earth….And His Son Jesus Christ, Our Savior!!! THE 1 & ONLY!!!!

  4. Joyce Paul says:

    PRAISE the Graciousness of GOD,Who is willing and able to Bless us with every Spiritual Blessing in the Heavenly places,as well as health,energy and protection.Hallelujah! God Bless Us all! amen.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Without my morning devotion, the day seems extremely stressful. Life is still stressful, more for some than others, but God is always there for me….past, present and future. He is our rock.

  6. Connie says:

    I’m so happy God is my rock! I need my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for my husband and I. Thank you and to God be the glory!!!

  7. Rick Slayton says:

    God will never leave us! God above me, God beside me, God within me!! Thank you Jesus AMEN

  8. Jane R says:

    Our journey here is always shaking, trembling, unstable. Satan never stops working to make us fall off the Rock of Ages. Though his storms rage, so we cling to the one stable, strong, sustaining ONE, The Lord of Heaven’s armies. Praise God that he never leaves us, always hears us, has mercy on us, and bestows His grace as we bow down and hold tightly to the Rock of Ages. Praise God in all things, for He is with us.

  9. Abraham Tadesse says:

    It is really encouraging & inspirational word for me. Specially at this moment of my life. Keep on sending me your devotional words. I will pray for your ministry.