Lean on the Rock

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man standing on rock

When you become a Christian, it doesn’t mean that you will live on a perpetual “high.” The Psalmist David went down to the very depths, and so did the Apostle Paul. But in the midst of all circumstances God’s grace, peace, and joy are there. The tears will still come, the pressures will be felt, and so will the temptations. But there is a new dimension, a new direction, and a new power in life to face the circumstances in which you live.

Listen to a 1-minute message on hope in the midst of suffering.

Prayer for the day

David and Paul have given me the example of trusting You, Lord, even in the excruciating valleys of life. Like them, I praise You.

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  1. Gerry says:

    Many believers at some point have felt that they are nearing the edge of all that they can handle. If you feel this way you should immediately pray for the Holy Spirit to calm your heart and his peace will settle your soul.

    1. Amen Amen says:

      As I grow closer to GOD I have found comfort in His Word, and have overcome stress and worry.

  2. Harold Brand says:

    God Bless and thank you

  3. Judy Odom says:

    Thanks be to God for our fortress Rock.

    1. Judy Odom says:


  4. Barbara says:

    Thank You, Lord for never leaving or forsaking me

  5. Ron Ham says:

    Since becoming anew Christian yesterday,I can’t tell if I’ve begun a new road or changed directions on the road I’m on…
    maybe both…probably both! One thing I do know for sure with all my heart and that is Jesus and I are on the same road!
    I thank God my Father for you and your ministry! Keep up the good work and know of my prayers and support for you. Thank you!

  6. Linda Garrett says:

    Yes, there is a place to go to find peace, joy and His unmeasurable grace. Today’s living brings me many negatives and it is a comfort to have my Lord and Savior to lift me up.

  7. akinmade adebamiji says:

    This is a word in season for me.

  8. Carol Newell says:

    I would like information about beginner Bible Study

  9. Sue Sonnenberg says:

    Thanks for these wonderful helps

  10. admassu says:

    Thank you Lord for your voice.