Lean on the Rock

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man standing on rock

When you become a Christian, it doesn’t mean that you will live on a perpetual “high.” The Psalmist David went down to the very depths, and so did the Apostle Paul. But in the midst of all circumstances God’s grace, peace, and joy are there. The tears will still come, the pressures will be felt, and so will the temptations. But there is a new dimension, a new direction, and a new power in life to face the circumstances in which you live.

Prayer for the day

David and Paul have given me the example of trusting You, Lord, even in the excruciating valleys of life. Like them, I praise You.

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  1. Rick Wilson says:

    “Yeshua (Christ) answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me.” Love, faith, hope, charity… fellowship through Christ to the glorious kingdom which awaits us all.

  2. peter too says:

    It is really blessing

  3. WANDA says:

    Enjoy each day. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Thank you Jesus for each.

  4. Dedan Ndirangu says:

    I gave my life to Jesus in 1997 after listening to Billy Graham’s late night preachings. I still get teary every time I listen to the classics especially the altar call song;… just as I am…

  5. Beth shields says:

    God is good all the time

  6. Joyce Paul says:

    Our Father in heaven is all_wise n all_loving. when fear starts to overwhelm us, we need to stop n remember that HE is our GOD n HE will always hold us up. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Amen.

  7. Pattie Pender says:

    Truly the course I took from your ministry put me back on the right path. It also helped to get my mind straight and wrapped around the fact that my feelings are not a fact and that trusting in God and having salvation involved starting with believe beyond the feelings and step out in blind faith and trust Jesus and the rest would come later and go beyond the feelings.

  8. Mrs. Kay R. Mitchell says:

    I give almost every month that I can . I’m entering my 79th year and my husband his 82nd. My grandson has the same birthday as your Dad and I remind him of that every year. In His Name

  9. Karen Ledasil says:

    Thank you for your ministry, Billy Graham. I’m honored to be included among your friends.