Keep Moving Forward

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When I was seven years old, my father bought me my first bicycle. I had never ridden one. Patiently, my family and friends tried to teach me the art of cycling. I soon found out there was one thing I must do if I was to stay on the bicycle—keep moving forward. If I ceased to go forward, I would fall and hurt myself. So it is in the Christian life. We can never live this life on the highest plane unless we are continually growing and moving forward. You should be closer to God today in heart, soul, and body, than at any other time so far in your life.

Grow closer to God with this Bible study on prayer.

Learn to hear from God more clearly.

Prayer for the day

Lord, I have progressed far too slowly in my pilgrim walk with You. Might I be drawn closer to the light of Your love and grace.

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  1. :Nawa Muhau says:

    U are a good inspiration brother Billy

  2. Asher Gill says:

    All thanks to Almighty God. Amen

  3. unnikrishnan says:


  4. Matthew J Miller says:

    I believe that step #2 of the “Seed Sower” is about us continuing in our understanding of the Word as well as the applying of our Faith. We continue moving forward by being an example of the Love we develop in our Christ connection and being filled with the Spirit, by shining on the world around us. We must allow the Spirit to shine through us as we progress in our Faith. We do this with a gentle smile, a kind head nod, a warm high five, knuckles, hand shake or hug. We spread our Faith by interaction with others in the world around us.

  5. michael says:

    That’s quite an analogy there about the need to move forward.

  6. Gerry says:

    None of us have arrived. We may have increased our knowledge but there is much more to learn. Each day on this planet is an opportunity to study God’s Holy Word and strive to better serve him .

  7. Jeff Criswell says:

    Those of us who ride bikes have a keen appreciation for this lesson! Keep those legs churning or the bike stops.

  8. Joyce Paul says:

    GOD of Grace and GOD of Goodness, Teach me to be ever kind, Always gentle and forgiving With the SAVIOR first in mind.God bless Dr Graham, Franklin Graham, Will Graham and BGEA! amen.

  9. Prawal says:

    Thank You Lord for Your Love and Grace, help me to draw near to You.