Jesus to the Rescue

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Scripture tells us that God tempts no one. Temptation always comes from the devil. God will test us and allow us to endure the temptation, but the devil does the tempting. How do we overcome it? A little girl once told her method. “When the devil comes knocking at the door,” she said, “I don’t answer it. I send Jesus to the door.” And that is exactly the way to take care of it. Send Jesus to the door!

We all face temptation. How will you handle it next time it comes knocking?

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, help me to remember the power of Your holy name!

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  1. Jeanne Johnson says:


  2. Leslie says:

    Amen!!!! Jesus is the only way to real happiness….

  3. Joe says:


  4. Diana Lynn Cornette says:

    Thanks. Amen.

  5. Ron Dunagan says:

    Prayer is my go to defence against temptation.

  6. Jacob Yeo says:

    Yes, in the Scriptures our Lord was tempted by Satan after a long fast, but emerges victorious when he quoted the Word of God… So I am holding to His word rather men’s.

  7. King Johnson says:

    Light always wins!)