Ills of the Human Race

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Man condemns himself by his refusal of God’s way of salvation. In love and mercy, God is offering to men and women a way of escape, a way of salvation, a hope and anticipation of better things. Man in his blindness, stupidity, stubbornness, egotism, and love of sinful pleasure, refuses God’s simple method of escaping the pangs of eternal banishment. Suppose you were sick and called a doctor who came and gave you a prescription. But after thinking it over you decided to ignore his advice and to refuse the medicine. When he returned a few days later, he might have found your condition much worse. Could you blame the doctor? Could you hold him responsible? He gave you the prescription, he prescribed the remedy. But you refused it!

Just so, God prescribes the remedy for the ills of the human race. That remedy is personal faith in, and commitment to, Jesus Christ. The remedy is to be “born again.” If we deliberately refuse it, then we must suffer the consequence; and we cannot blame God. Is it God’s fault that we refuse the remedy?

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Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, as You sat looking over Jerusalem, You wept. Give me the same compassion for those who have not accepted Your remedy and been born again.

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  1. nyembesi machangu says:

    Amen. Thanks.

  2. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Mr. Billy Graham, I can’t understand with my spirit and my conscience why people where I live refuse with such a hardness in heart. They can easily “kill” for having “right.” God says they are not right and that makes them hate even more. I am sometimes afraid because they are created like me from God. How is it possible to be so unhuman?

  3. Walson Mboe says:

    Thanks for the lesson

  4. King David Junior says:

    I humble myself before God’s Words & learn from the anointed ones from God.

    I admit I could be very weak & vulnerable sometimes during trials & sufferings in the seasons of life. I draw strength by reading God’s Words (Bible), listening to Godly Holy songs at YouTube & listening to powerful & inspiring sermons & teachings. For the above will nourish & strengthen my soul & my inner spirit.

    I won’t feel afraid when I was/am surrounded by external & internal enemies because I always know God is with me & will not forsake me.

    Thank you God for your grace & mercy.