How Will You Live?

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The world in which we live is full of pessimism. No Christian has the scriptural right to go around wringing his hands wondering what we are to do in the face of the present world situation. The Scripture says that in the midst of persecution, confusion, wars, and rumors of wars, we are to comfort one another with the knowledge that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back in triumph, glory, and majesty. Many times when I go to bed at night I think to myself that before I awaken Christ may come. Sometimes when I get up and look at the dawn I think that perhaps this is the day He will come. He has told us Christians to be watching constantly and to be ready, “for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh” (Matthew 24:44). Do you think Christ will come today? “Probably not,” you say. It is on just such a day that He may come. What a glorious time of reunion it’s going to be, when we shall be caught up with Him!

What will Christ’s second coming be like? Read Billy Graham’s answer.

Go deeper: Listen to Billy Graham’s message about the second coming, preached in New York City in 1969.


Prayer for the day

Thank You, Jesus, for the hope that even today I may have the joy of seeing You face to face!

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    I was impacted by this message and I think we have to be awake


    me impacto y me gusto este mensaje, estemos bien alertas

  3. Patricia Vaughan says:

    I pray each day “come Lord Jesus”!!!!

  4. Naomi Brooks says:


  5. Donna Edgar says:

    I watched as the sun came up this morning, the warm muted colors of soft pink, lavendar and yellow blending with the rising mist of melting snow, I recalled a bible veres from 1Th 4:17, “Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air. And so we shall ever be with the Lord.” Watching the mist gently rise to meet the sun, reminding me that all those who have asked Jesus into their hearts, and have proclaimed Him as Lord of their lives will one day also rise to meet the Son.

  6. viola cole batoon says:

    it is my prayer everyday that me and my family will be together seeing Jesus Christ face to face ..hallelujah..more prayer from your Billy Graham ministries..

  7. Jane rippee says:

    Thank you for the Bible verse for today and the prayer. It has been uplifting for me when I needed it the most

  8. stephen john says:

    How Will You Live?
    By Billy Graham • February 18
    Thank you Billy Graham for that beautiful prayer. Jesus being in our hearts at this very moment is so fantastic, heavenly. When I think of Jesus like this the weight drops from my shoulders friends, yours to because Jesus takes the load off everyone who believes him just a little. The view in heaven will be wonderful I’m sure, and we thank sweet Jesus for showing us the pathway that leads to his father’s kingdom. Amen.

  9. Karl Koegler says:

    I can hardly wait for that glorious day when ,at last, I get to face and personally thank my savior!

  10. Paul says:

    Thank You for this importand reminder.