His Timing Is Perfect

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God has a plan for the life of every Christian. Every circumstance, every turn of destiny, is for your good. It is working together for completeness. His plan for you is being perfected. All things working together for your good and for His glory. As a young Christian, Ruth, my wife, wanted to be a missionary, as were her father and mother. But God had other plans for her life. Changing circumstances revealed God’s will to her, and she was happy where God had placed her. So many of us ask God to change the circumstances to suit our desires, instead of us conforming our wills to His. Don’t let circumstances distress you. Rather, look for the will of God for your life to be revealed in and through those circumstances.

Do all things really work together for good? Read 5 things you can learn from Romans 8:28.

Prayer for the day

How often I want to run ahead of Your leading, Father. Let me trust You completely and realize that in the midst of all the events of this day, You are working out Your will for my life.

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  1. jeevan tiwade says:

    Praise The Lord in every situation came in your life

  2. Stella Salinas says:

    I truly needed this at this exact moment….I’ve grown up from childhood with Billy and Ruth. Franklin was a young one. I’d always sit close to the stage to hear the music….at 5 years of age I knew God had music in my future. At 16 I was awarded a music scholarship to Oral Roberts University, we lost him a few years ago. He and Evelyn showered us with love and it changed my life. College would NEVER have been possibility for me if that 5 year old little girl had never heard Billy and George Beverly Shea at a small city in NM. Thank God for your ministry and my entire family’s prayers are with you Billy and your family also. I feel like you’re my second father here on earth and send my love.

  3. Dorothy Theall says:

    I pray that my husband will be able to see his dad and spend time with him before his dad dies. My husband’s mom got mad at him and has banned him from their house.

  4. Amali Jayasinghe says:

    I have seen the lord moving me in directions I never thought I would go…even now I am waiting patiently for his hand to move in my life finding me a new job..but when I read these passages…I realize that God may know whats best for me and my family and thats the reason why my job is being delayed and instead he has given me precious time to spend with my babies, sharpening my skills as a mother, wife and also a good cook!…even though my heart cries out to my lord for an answer I know that my father knows best….

  5. Kelly Mat says:


  6. Ashley says:

    Thank you! Well said. God bless you

  7. Noi says:

    Need more prayer for everyone to know GOD more, and Give us strength of his Love each and every day. Thank YOU JESUS!

  8. Haregewoin Zewge Teklemariam says:

    I need God more than ever!

  9. GINNY says: