His Timing Is Perfect

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God has a plan for the life of every Christian. Every circumstance, every turn of destiny, is for your good. It is working together for completeness. His plan for you is being perfected. All things working together for your good and for His glory. As a young Christian, Ruth, my wife, wanted to be a missionary, as were her father and mother. But God had other plans for her life. Changing circumstances revealed God’s will to her, and she was happy where God had placed her. So many of us ask God to change the circumstances to suit our desires, instead of us conforming our wills to His. Don’t let circumstances distress you. Rather, look for the will of God for your life to be revealed in and through those circumstances.

Do all things really work together for good? Read 5 things you can learn from Romans 8:28.

Prayer for the day

How often I want to run ahead of Your leading, Father. Let me trust You completely and realize that in the midst of all the events of this day, You are working out Your will for my life.

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  1. Linda says:

    I really love this app it’s uplifting and very encouraging thank you…………

  2. Lety says:

    I posted this and a friend repost it on her page, today she is gone un expectantly at the age of 24 and what peace it gives me to know she was seeking Gods will for her life , not knowing how short that life would be. Please pray for Monikas family.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I was brought to the Lord Jesus,through a Leighton Ford Crusade, in Thunder Bay,Ontario,,,please pray for me, that God would show me His Will,concern my Life,,just not sure..

  4. Sam Lathen says:

    I appreciate all that comes out of this ministry , it has spoken to me with the very Word of God

  5. Kim Glass says:

    Thank youDear Lord for your love and care

    1. DovElle McKelroy says:

      Let go and let GOD arrange your daily life.

  6. Karen Moroney says:

    A timely devotion

  7. Elsie D. Curada says:

    I praise and thank God for this because this devotional is really true in my life …that God is working His plan in every circumstances eventhough it’s hard and hurting at first but now i have peace and am happy,knowing that He’s at work.

  8. Dennis Osborne says:

    Thank you for the message !!!!

  9. Karen Carlile says:

    Needed this today. God is directing our family through many changes. Trying to totally trust him in the midst.

  10. Philip Atiba says:

    I have been @ cross roads in my life wondering where God is taking me because most of my dreams are not fulfilled but I have found a lot of strength to cope in this morning devotion on the BGEA mail. Thanks for this service, God bless u!