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W.C. Burns of India wrote, “Oh to have a martyr’s heart, if not a martyr’s crown.” Popularity and adulation are far more dangerous for the Christian than persecution. It is easy, when all goes smoothly, to lose our sense of balance and our perspective. The important thing is to walk with Christ, to live for Christ, and to have one consuming passion—to please Him. Then, whatever happens, we know that He has permitted it in order to teach us some priceless lesson and to perfect us for His service. He will enrich our circumstances, be they pleasant or disagreeable, by the fact of His presence with us.

What does living for Christ look like? Read: Choosing the Path of Holiness.

Prayer for the day

Lord, my soul wants to love and know You far more deeply. Forgive the times I have set my eyes on things that keep me from You.

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  1. agandu ezekiel says:

    I thank God for the word of encouragement ‘the word is good for our time.

  2. Cristina says:

    Yes Lord in your presence there is peace. Thank you lord for touchens my heart

  3. Paula "Lea" Devine says:


  4. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you. When persecution sets in I nowadays tell God that I love Him and will be in His presence. Then it is so much easier to be hurt by the ungodly people. And here are lots of them, who doesn’t need or want God at all. Praise out Father for Jesus Christ our Lover and Lord of all. Like your new site! Lovely flowerhand!

  5. michael says:

    LORD loving you is the ultimate I will love you no matter what this world tries to throw at me You mean everything to me and I as for my house we will serve the LORD thank you lord for loving me and for JESUS.

  6. Robin says:

    Thank Yoy

  7. kika says:

    very true..

  8. Admasu Gudina says:

    I love Jesus!

  9. Cindy Schaffer says:

    I thank you, Rev. Billy Graham, for this, and your wonderful heart, ~~~ I thank God for you, my friend…I certainly don’t want to “faint”, as I do His Will. Father, forgive me, if I have offended anyone, in any way, at any time. It’s not intentional.

  10. cleverson medina says:

    sou do brasil são Paulo e estou orando por este ministério lindo Billy Grahan