He Died for Us

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hands reaching for cross

As we stand at the cross of Christ we see a glorious exhibition of God’s love. Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome, “While we were powerless to help ourselves . . . Christ died for sinful men.” In human experience, it is a rare thing for one man to give his life for another, even if the latter be a good man, though there have been a few who have had the courage to do it. Yet the proof of God’s amazing love is this: that it was “while we were sinners Christ died for us.”

A beautiful young society leader came to visit my wife and me. She had been converted to Christ in one of our Crusades, and she was absolutely radiant in her transformation. Already she had learned scores of Scripture verses by heart and was so full of Christ that we sat for two hours listening to her give her moving testimony. Over and over she said, “I cannot understand how God could forgive me. I have been such a wicked sinner. I just cannot understand the love of God.”

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Prayer for the day

It is beyond comprehension the love that took You to the cross for me. Humbly I praise and thank You, my Savior and my Lord.

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  1. Barbara Hiser says:

    I would love to meet you and talk for hours, you and your words are awesome I feel gods present when I’m listening to you, awesome feeling! God is great! God bless us all!

  2. jen says:

    I thank you for coming into our lives and home. It is to you that we gives thanks for your understanding and your never failing love.

  3. Joe says:

    Thank you Jesus for loving me a lowly sinner.

  4. Gerry says:

    One day Christ will explain all these mysteries to us face-to-face. What a glorious day that will be.

  5. Joyce Paul says:

    Now none but Christ can satisfy, None other name for me; There’s Love n Life n Lasting Joy, Lord Jesus, found in Thee… CHRIST showed His Love by dying for us; we show ours by Living for Him! God Richly Bless U n Ur Ministries! Amen.

  6. Pat says:

    God’s forgiveness is so great if we ask for it. His mercy is great when he sees us sinning over & over and still forgives. What a friend we have in Jesus!

  7. Joe says:

    Thank you Jesus for Your un-measurable love for us.

  8. Gerry says:

    Yes, it is so true, who can really grasp love that great. When the King of all Kings ,willingly , lays down his life for sinners. One day we can thank him face to face.

  9. Joyce Paul says:

    GOD is our treasure now,and being with HIM in Heaven will bring pleasure forever.
    Hallelujah!!! GOD BLESS US ALL! amen.

  10. Martyna says:

    Rest is peace! Sorry to hear that. I have been hearing of so many frenids dying in their 50s and 60s. A kid I grew up with just died after suffering a massive heart attack on the way to work. Adds a new perspective to upping the retirement age because we are living so long.