Good Things Are Costly

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You should not expect the easy way, for if you do you are certainly destined for disappointment. Any person who knows the Bible knows that the Christian life is likened to an athletic contest or to warfare, and neither one is easy. Jesus warned His followers to count carefully the cost, and that certainly does not speak of an easy way. But there is no good thing that comes without cost.

The Christian life is the most satisfying, but only when we actually go all out and all the way. It is the Christian who tries to compromise who finds life miserable, for he has all the problems, without the fellowship that comes through surrender. For every trial and test, Christ supplies an abundance of grace with which to bear it, and in our weakness we are made strong.

What is grace and what does it do? Read Billy Graham’s answer.

Prayer for the day

Let me never look for the easy way when You, Lord Jesus, gave everything for me.

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  1. millinda says:

    Life was just spoken. Thank u God

  2. Edward R. Herber says:

    You are a God Given blessing BGEA. You are what the whole world needs to hear. Thank you BGEA and God bless!!!!!

  3. Carol Rain says:

    I have faithfully followed Rev. Graham for years; I have his books everywhere he has written, many of his devotional books, his family’s books, his wife Ruth’s poetry – all an inspiration to me. Rev. Graham’s devotion to the Lord and all he has given to this world in preaching the gospel is amazing – he just keeps going and going. I marvel at his dedication and his love of the Lord and for preaching God’s word of salvation for all us sinners. I just cannot say enough good things about him. I used to drop everything I was doing to watch his crusades on TV and would not answer my phone or the door – just focused on his messages – from the time I was a young girl. Thank you, Rev. Graham; you have a wonderful family who inspires us too.

  4. Louis Staub says:

    The reward of eternal life far surpass the difficulty of being a Christian in obedience to Christ teaching.

  5. Liz schafer says:

    Thank you for all you do to help is focus on Gods best for our lives

  6. Tracie Sullivan says:

    11/12/14 Devotion for the day REALLY is exactly what I needed! I haven’t been all in and the tribulations have been many & hard. Thank You BGEA and Billy Graham, Thank God for you and your ministry!

  7. Gerry says:

    Thank God that he is faithful to stand beside us during our trials and tribulations in life. For without his Holy presence we would not make it through.

  8. Joyce Paul says:

    The Master is seeking a Harvest In lives He’s redeemed by His Blood; He seek for the fruit of the Spirit and works that will Glorify God.May God Richly Bless Dr Graham,Franklin Graham,Will Graham & BGEA! Amen.

  9. Wendy peters says:

    I enjoy reading your verses and learns alot thank you and God bless all of you.