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Death, to the Christian, is the exchanging of a tent for a building. Here we are as pilgrims or gypsies, living in a frail, flimsy home; subject to disease, pain, and peril. But at death we exchange this crumbling, disintegrating tent for a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. The wandering wayfarer comes into his own at death and is given the title to a mansion which will never deteriorate nor crumble. Do you think that God, who has provided so amply for living, has made no provision for dying? The Bible says we are strangers in a foreign land. This world is not our home; our citizenship is in heaven. When a Christian dies, he goes into the presence of Christ. He goes to Heaven to spend eternity with God.

Is Heaven real? Read and share.

Prayer for the day

Dear Lord, today keep me mindful that as Your child my real home is not on this earth, but that one day I will exchange this tent for a house made by You in heaven.

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  1. Arie says:

    I really like to learn more of God’s words and really enjoy reading what you offer. Thank you very much.

  2. Jo Ann says:

    Enjoyed devotional very much today.

  3. Doris Foxworth Odito says:

    i like your ministry. i live in Kenya east Africa as a missionary and your ministry has helped me so much in my growth as a Christian since i was a very young person. Thanks, Doris

  4. Elesia Lillard says:

    Praying for Franklin Graham and his crew as the Decision America Tour head off to Maine, Vermont, and New York that ears will be opened and hearts receptive; also praying for the people in Louisiana that they will be able to contact their love ones and let them know where they are and that God will give them strength and a determined spirit to start over.

  5. Barbara Johnson says:

    I love your daily devotionals, but I am having a very hard time reading them because the print is pretty small. I would like for you to consider having less pictures and other things on the page and allow us to select a much larger print. Thank you and God bless you all