God Made You

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God made you! You were fashioned in His own image! You were made in the image and likeness of the Creator. God had a purpose in making you. His primary purpose is that you would have fellowship with Him. If man does not have fellowship with God, he is lost, confused, and bewildered. Since he does not find his place, he has a sense of not fitting. There are thousands of people who admit and confess that they are unhappy. Economic security, recreation, pleasure, and a good community in which to live have not brought about the peace and happiness that they expected. The reason is that man was created in the image of God and cannot find complete rest, happiness, joy, and peace until he comes back to God.

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Prayer for the day

Help me this day, Father, to tell others of the fellowship that can be theirs. Your love will enable me.

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  1. Nancy Riddick says:

    I so enjoy everything Billy Graham writes. He is such a treasure!

  2. Manoranjan Naik says:

    Yes I’m intend to come under His feet. I’m not in peace and joy because I have nothing in this life except an old mother. She’s ill and no one interested to take her care. I searched many good hearts but it is there no one even though my wife. No one.. Except Lord no one. I that’s why wanting Him. I want His Help.

  3. Yolanda Dessus says:

    I want the devotional pray for healing, and relationship that needs Healing.

  4. rita cradic says:

    I would like a daily devotion. thank you

  5. Oluwatobi Oreniyi says:

    Father I’m ready please help me in Jesus. Name.

  6. Rosie King (London,UK) says:

    God Bless you.

  7. Maria Martinez says:

    Need nuch prayer for my family and myself for protection from the enemy.

  8. Vivian Sanders says:

    I love this. I am not happen here on earth cause cause my son and family are not here. I guess that means I will go th hell.but I want to die now and go to heaven. I love my GOD and I know he has been here for me

    1. Nancy Hall says:

      If God has brought you to it, He will bring you through it. Be patient and wait on the Lord. His love is beyond our understanding. It is never ending and unfailing in every way. These are His promises to us. You can believe them and trust in Him.

  9. Maxine says:

    I believe we were made to serve god

  10. Isabelle Van Achter says:

    I pray for lots of blessings of our Lord and God most high for all of you who shares His Gospel full of love to built up people in need.