God Is the Life Giver

By   •   March 3


There are many arguments we could marshal to give evidence of the existence of God. There is scientific evidence pointing to God’s existence. For example, whatever is in motion must be moved by another, for motion is the response of matter to power. In the world of matter there can be no power without life, and life pre-supposes a being from which emanates the power to move things, such as tides and the planets. Or there is the argument that says nothing can be the cause of itself. It would be prior to itself if it caused itself to be, and that is an absurdity. Then there is the law of life. We see objects that have no intellect, such as stars and planets, moving in a consistent pattern, cooperating ingeniously with one another. Hence, it is evident that they achieve their movements not by accident but by design. Whatever lacks intelligence cannot move intelligently. An arrow would be useless without a bow and an archer. What gives direction and purpose and design to inanimate objects? It is God. He is the underlying, motivating force of life.

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Prayer for the day

Lord, I know that without Your power my life would be useless. Prompt me, by Your Holy Spirit, to glorify You in everything I do.

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  1. David A. Alao says:

    God is awesome.

  2. Linda Wright says:

    Intelligent design by an intelligent Creator.

  3. Becky Peel says:


  4. Gerry says:

    God is the creator of all things good. All the honor, praise and glory goes to him.

  5. Liviu Tabarcea says:

    God bless every person who hears Billy Graham’s messages.

  6. Rosario Lewis says:

    In you I am everything without You I am nothing. Lord my very existence is your love and grace without with out which the evil one would have long back fully destroyed me. It is just your love and grace that keeps me going. There are so many ploys of satan like addiction, lust, money, power, pride and the list goes on. Gracious Father thank you for who you are and what you are. Amen.

  7. King Johnson says:


    1. Max says:

      What is the meaning of :-)!+ ? My browser doesn’t recognize the symbol and my computer makes funny noises when I try to find the meaning. This symbol is posted almost daily and it SCARES me. I hate to stop reading Daily Devotion, however I shall unless I find the meaning of :-)!+. The Holy Spirit dwells in me and my conscientious tells me I should if I can’t identify a symbol and no one will explain it for me to flee from it!