Find Peace With God

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How do we find peace with God? We must stop fighting! We must surrender! We must serve! Of course, these steps will be motivated by faith and mingled with love. Having found peace with God, next we experience the peace of God.

This peace of God is not a mere abstraction advocated by preachers and theologians. Thousands of people can witness that they have actually experienced the peace of God and have found it wonderfully adequate for this present day. “For He is our peace.”

You can have peace with God today.

Prayer for the day

Father, I thank You for the peace You have given to me, which does not depend on feelings or circumstances.

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  1. Judy lawson says:

    God bless u and your family. My mother raised. Me listening to u by TV. May. God keep on blessing you.

  2. martin muhangis says:

    I have had a personal touch and i stand to testify. He is real

  3. Melody Tripp Mattox says:

    Thank you God for offering Your peace in me!

  4. RAKOTOVELO Andrianalisoa says:

    God is love, by giving us his savior son Jesus to rescue us from sins. Jesus used all words of God as efficient arms in the face of the devil actions; these words gave him a triumph in the face of temptations, devils, death, mockeries. For those of us who project to run Jesus, or who would like to have a peace with God; we have to associate, to participate with this Jesus triumph which is ours; we must surrender in order that we find this peace as wonderfully adequate of this present time.

  5. Wesley Borthwick says:

    I was saved by Christ in 1962 at the age of 19, I was with the Lord for 6 years. I got a new job, and fell away from
    his Grace in my life. and now pretty late in life,as i am 70 years of age i,m trying to know Christ again and as you know i need help in some way. Please give me a few pointers. Thank you

  6. Eseta Mateiviti says:

    The confirmation I need, thank you Lord. AMEN

  7. Jane Poplin says:

    Jesus has given us His peace (perfect peace) not as the world giveth. Praise His Name for His peace that we can experience even in troubled times.

  8. Duku Mogoai says:

    Thank you. This keeps me going all. The time. You are making profounnd impact innn fldifferennt ways in our.lifes.

  9. Shirley says:

    May God continue to Bless you as you continue to your blessings to all of us.

  10. Lynne says:

    Thank you for the wonderful give of peace