Feeling the Hurts of Others

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homeless man

This age in which we live could hardly be described as conducive to a sensitiveness of the needs of others. We have developed a veneer of sophistication and hardness. Abraham Lincoln once said, characteristically, “I am sorry for the man who can’t feel the whip when it is laid on the other man’s back.” Much of the world is calloused and indifferent toward mankind’s poverty and distress. This is due largely to the fact that for many people there has never been a rebirth. The love of God has never been shed abroad in their hearts. Many people speak of the social gospel as though it were separate and apart from the redemptive Gospel. The truth is: there is only one Gospel. We must be redeemed, we must be made right with God before we can become sensitive to the needs of others. Divine love, like a reflected sunbeam, shines down before it radiates out. Unless our hearts are conditioned by the Holy Spirit to receive and reflect the warmth of God’s compassion, we cannot love our fellowmen as we ought.

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team shares God’s compassion with people in crisis. Find out more.

Prayer for the day

Help me to feel another person's hurt and be concerned, Father, so that I may shed the light of Your love in an uncaring world.

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  1. peter olayinka says:

    Lord, you must help to reflect your glory of love to and among others

  2. MARY HYDE says:


  3. Olusegun Sunday Olakunle says:

    The world has been capitalised which makes feeling for others secondary.

  4. Laura Speer says:

    Lord, help me to always be aware of the needs of others, as you have been aware of my needs.

  5. Cherian P.V. says:

    Very good meditation

  6. Gerry says:

    You must truly know and experience the Love and Compassion of God yourself in order to show Love and Compassion to others.

  7. Joyce Paul says:

    Dear Lord, we love You! We want our lives to tell the story of Goodness and Grace. May we be a bold witness of You, use us in ways we never thought possible. God Bless You in Your Ministries! Amen. Pray 4 us!