Don’t Lose Sight

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We might as well face it, strife has even infiltrated our church life. It is true enough that the Church is now the Church militant. But, as such, its warfare ought to be that of dedication to revealed truth and divine holiness, and not intramural bickering and carnal disputes. We read in the second chapter of Luke that Joseph and Mary lost Jesus one day. Where did they lose Him? They lost Him in the most unlikely place in all the world-the Temple. I have seen many people lose Jesus right in the church. I have seen them lose Him in a dispute about who was to be choir director, who was to play the organ, who was to be an elder, or who was to be the minister. Yes, because we are human, though Christian, it is easy to lose sight of Jesus right in the temple!

Read Billy Graham’s answer on what to say to someone who had a bad church experience.

Prayer for the day

Don't let me lose sight of You, Lord, in the
complex logistics of everyday life.

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  1. Mission in Citrus Inc says:

    Thank you for your inspiring messages. The Homeless Love you , and much more, we know God loves you for your many years of service. God bless

  2. Esekiel says:

    Very, very good!
    God bless you for sharing these reflections with us.

  3. Annette says:

    We are all sinners and have fallen from The Bible’s teachings….Amen!

    1. Annette says:


  4. ed says:

    Now I see!

  5. Bob DeGraw says:

    Holy Spirit guide me every day to keep my focus on Jesus. No matter what goes on around me, dwell within me so that in all circumstances i see Jesus who is my compass, my guide, my love who i need every moment of my life. Praise be to God

  6. Gerry says:

    Life’s circumstances may temporarily distract us at times. We are only human. However we must quickly regain our focus on God . For true and lasting peace can only be obtained through him.

  7. Modupe Ilori says:

    Lord give me d grace to focus on You continually as d author & finisher of my faith.

  8. Kevin Morrow says:

    Hallelujah & Amen…!!!

  9. Hellen says:

    My God, help me not to loose You ever. For You are my strength, my refuge, my help, my God, and my everything, without You I am nothing. Amen