Cure for Our Troubles

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Would it not be wonderful if we could find an absolute cure for the troubles of human nature? Suppose we could give a shot in the arm to the whole human race that would fill people with love instead of hate, with contentment instead of greed. Suppose, also, a cure could be found for the past mistakes, failures, and sins of mankind.

Suppose by some miracle all the past could be straightened out, all of life’s tangles could be unraveled, and the broken strings of life could be repaired. The most thrilling news in all the world is the fact that there is a cure! A medicine has been provided! The sin, confusion, and disillusionment of life can be replaced by righteousness, joy, contentment, and happiness. A peace can be imparted to the soul that is not dependent on outward circumstances.

Listen to this one-minute clip about finding lasting hope.

Prayer for the day

In complete dependence upon You, Lord Jesus, let me relay Your message of love and peace to the desperately needy souls I meet.

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  1. NATAN says:

    I comply with all of this ministry the peace of God.

  2. Gerry says:

    There truly is a cure for all that ails you. Past ,present ,and future. His name is Jesus Christ. Want true and lasting peace and joy in your life ……just ask him he’s waiting.

  3. Joyce paul says:

    We all need Prayer! Faith is a requiremdnt of true prayer. God will always respond to our prayers in accord with His nature,His purposes,and His promises. Praise God for being trustworthy. Spend time with Him,reading His Word n listening to His Spirit. God Bless us! Amen.

  4. John says:

    Prayer for God healing. Prayer to know, understand, keep and preach the word of God and to make heaven at last.

  5. anna says:

    Prayer for my husband heart who recently shout down to our 7 years marriage. Praying for healing, reconciliation, love and God mercy on our family.

  6. Marcus Jones says:

    Love the Grahams great ministry!

  7. Marjorie Blake says:

    prayer for me and children and their family to be under the wing of the Lord. I want to walk in steadfast love with the Lord, to read his word to be fill with more of his love and holy spirit, more understanding of his wisdom, truth and love. Help me to speak his word into my mind, body and soul, and to have more compassion for one another. Prayers for my extended family and friends too, help those who struggle with addictions or issues, give them guidance, in Jesus name Amen.

  8. David b says:

    Pray for me and my family

  9. barimah adjekum says:

    I pray. The Lord God to give us our heart desire in accordance to his will.

  10. Truphena says:

    thats my prayer.