Compassion for Others

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If you would know the measure of your love for God, just observe your love for your fellowman. Our compassion for others is an accurate gauge of our devotion to God.

Some time ago, with some friends, I went through a museum in San Francisco. Among other things, we saw a collection of instruments of torture which were employed by religious people to force other people to believe as they did. History is largely the record of man’s inhumanity to man.

Got some time? Listen to Billy Graham explain the importance of loving your neighbor.

Prayer for the day

Lord God, fill my heart that I may love with the compassion of Jesus.

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  1. John. L. Moeller. says:

    Lord GOD. I pray that I can love like Jesus. A-men.

  2. Circuit Polosokere says:

    Please send me daily verses of encouragement and strength

  3. Amy Sheetz says:

    Happy Birthday to Rev. Graham. Thanks be to God for all your gifts that you’ve shared, most importantly, your ability to communicate and share the Gospel of Christ. It’s been a pleasure to watch a true faithful servant in action all these years. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family.

  4. Susie J. Stine says:

    Happy Birthday Billy Graham! May God Bless you many more! We love you, too!

  5. Chris GIbbons says:

    Please pray for our country and every Christian to step up and lead us back to One Nation Founded Under God. Also, pray for my 3 grand children!!! God bless you!! Amen

  6. Gerry says:

    So true unfortunately hatred is rampant. As believers we must let our light shine and demonstrate the love of God towards others of all races.

  7. Richard Gillespie says:

    Happy happy happy birthday Doctor Graham and wish you the absolute best of what our Lord and Savior has to offer an outstanding man of God that you are!!!!!!!

  8. Neil Netaf says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Billy Graham