Angels Have Charge Over Us

By   •   January 7

angel statue

Modern psychiatrists say that one of the basic needs of man is security. In the 91st Psalm we are assured that in God we have the greatest of security, “There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” If you read and reread this beautiful Psalm, you will discover that in Him we have a permanent abode and residence, and that all of the comfort, security, and affection which the human heart craves is found in Him. Perhaps no visible angels will appear in your life and mine, but God’s promise of security is nonetheless real and certain. Those who live in the realm of God have genuine safety and security.

“If angels are real, why can’t we see them?” Read Billy Graham’s answer.

Prayer for the day

Wherever I go this day, You and Your angels will be with me. Thank you, Lord, for the peace, love, and security You promise.

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  1. evelyn christiansen says:

    i am reminded of the angel who fought 21 days and had to summon the angel Michael to help him get to earth through the realms to answer a prayer

  2. Pilar Baclion Carlson says:

    Dear Lord Jesus, I praised and thank you for all your unanswered and answered prayers, your faithfulness and endless love showered us in our daily steps in life.

  3. yohannes lencha says:

    I thank my God for his care for me!!!

  4. Jackie Kaka says:

    I believe in angels and so thankful God has blessed angels over our lives to help us,save us and protect us,glory be to God❤️

  5. April Schulthies says:

    Although I have never seen an angel that I am certain of, I am certain I have been visited multiple times in my 55 years. Many of the encounters were so quick I was left wondering..was it or wasn’t it? But on 2003 I had a visit the night before my husband had a massive stroke. The encounter revealed to me in quick time every detail the next six years held. It was a gift from God that without I would have fallen so deep helplessly devastated with depression. Instead I walked on faith solid as concrete with my head high making life decisions. My husband lived another six years and although paralyzed on the left side we had the best years of our life. Looking back as far as childhood, I know now and can see how God protects and guides us by way of the Angels.

  6. Carol Rehborg says:

    Thank you for your messages and prayers. They uplift my spirit! Thank you for showing your love in Christ.

  7. Kay Smith says:

    My husband who is a very brittle diabetic was found unresponsive by our local police on the interstate in TN due to a diabetic coma. I was out of town when they called me with the news of his situation. They did not give me much hope because they did not know how long he was unconscious. By the grace of God and his “Angels” my husband’s well being was restored by the many policeman and rescue responders that day. My husband thanked them and witnessed to them about his faith and that he saw “Angels” surrounding him during this event. We believe in “miracles” and God is good!

    1. Lynn Stepp says:

      Kay, It is a blessing to read of the miracle that happened in your husbands life. Bless you both!


    I know there are angels. I know that the Lord sent them to protect and guide me.

  9. Emile Azar says:

    Not only he sends His Angels to save us but also to protect us and show us the right way

  10. Franny Alvidrez says:

    God bless you.