A New Birth

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I am reminded of a period when all the agonies that afflict modern minds were felt by another generation, the young people who lived during the first century after Christ. They too sought change, but they directed their efforts at individuals, not at the Roman Empire, not at City Hall. And eventually the whole social and political structure felt their impact. In short, those renewed men and women became filled with a unique dynamic force.

Today this same force is available to all people. Over the centuries it has worked in the lives of millions. I personally have seen thousands of people changed. Jesus called it “a new birth.” The Scripture tells us that you need not continue as you are. You can become a new person. Whatever your hang-up—guilt, anxiety, fear, hatred—God can handle it.

Prayer for the day

I delight in knowing, Lord Jesus, that there is nothing in my life that is incapable of being changed through Your redemptive power.

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  1. Ruth Dinuwelle says:

    I long for Jesus more and more each day. Thanks for helping me feed my faith through this great effort. I am trusting Jesus to bring my husband from Africa to me and our child here in America, please join us in praying for this great victory.

  2. Joyce Vinkemulder says:

    I am now 80 yrs. old and for over 65 years I have been inspired by Billy Graham and so enjoyed hearing him speak over the many years- my love for the lord was influenced by him in many ways with his ministry. Wishing him a very happy birthday!

  3. Gerry says:

    Billy is once again absolutely correct there is a power far greater than any other power known to man. That is the mighty power of God to change lives. Very few men in this modern day have dedicated their lives as devoutly as Billy Graham. It is also very inspiring to see the legacy continue with other members of his family. None more currently obvious than Franklin Graham. He enthusiastically leads the charge for political change in America. May God continue to bless and encourage those who stand for the Godly truth. Franklin encourages them to become active participants in the process, thereby having a greater chance to affect positive change in the morally bankrupt system and policies that matter .

  4. Ephrem says:

    The change we seek is found in Christ’s Spirit-active, perfect and diacritical death on the cross exactly as postdated. (John 3: 14-15; 19: 34-37)

  5. Akudugu Moses says:

    Thank God.Please remember me in your prayers to grow in faith.

  6. Bill phillips says:

    Since becoming a Christian the one thing I know is I am not alone. Jesus is always with me no matter what I am going through. Thank you Jesus.

  7. Emmanuel Paul Mayowa Mayowa says:

    Looking forward to having a life time experience with you…..

  8. tioluwalope seun says:

    Lord help me to lift up the banner for Jesus till the end IJN.Amen