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John Knox, with an all-consuming soul-concern for his country, prayed, “Give me Scotland, or I die!” His earnest travail was rewarded with a spiritual rebirth in his land. This is what is termed “praying in the Spirit.” It is the manifestation of a deep spiritual concern for others, and it is instilled by the Spirit of God. This kind of prayer can leap over oceans, speed across burning deserts, spring over mountains, bound through jungles, and carry the healing, helping power of the Gospel to the object of prayer.

That “the Spirit Himself makes intercession” indicates that it is actually God pleading, praying, and mourning through us. Thus we become co-laborers with God, actual partners with Him; our lives are lifted from the low plane of selfishness to the high plane of creativeness with God. John Knox travailed, and the Church in Scotland broke into new life.

Hear this 1-minute audio message about where creativity comes from.

Prayer for the day

My heart's cry is heard—thank You, Lord Jesus!

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  1. Sandi says:

    I am in continual prayer for America for people of strong faith in God to lead our nation, and that we are a nation known to give honor to God. This encouraged me.

  2. Gerry says:

    There is nothing that God cannot do. Couple God’s desire to give us what is best for us and the Holy Spirits intercession … you cannot lose.

  3. Brenda says:

    Father You know my heart. You know I need Your guidance. I cannot do anything with out You. My prayer is for me to be filled daily with the Holy Spirit to guide me in the way You would have me go. Thank You, in Jesus name I pray.

  4. Adereni says:

    Make me a vessel for your ministrations Lord

  5. Mark grant says:

    God is good and I want to believe with a full true heart with no doubt. I know he will keep working on me. In Jesus holy kind name I pray this. Amen. Hallelujah

  6. Joe says:

    Thank you for praying through me Good Lord.

  7. Gerry says:

    The Holy Spirit of God is an integral part of the Godhead. Ask for his help at any time and he is faithful to provide. When the Holy Spirit intercedes in prayer all things are possible.

  8. Richard Bainbridge says:

    This scripture is commonly used to qualify the speaking of other tongues in public. Is the speaking of this gibberish of the Holy Spirit, or fake. I guess my question to you is, is what people call “speaking in tongues” really speaking in a Godly language? Thank You.

  9. Max says:

    Father give me more capacity and knowledge so that you can work through me for for the physical and spiritual benefit of others.

    1. Rosario Lewis says:

      O! what a wonderful God we have. He even helps us to pray. Prayer in the Spirit carries the healing power of God. So learn to pray in the Spirit. Pray in tongues when words don’t come to you. Thanks You Jesus. You want us to pray and even helps us to pray. Glory to God. Amen