Billy Graham: Return to the Bible

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On May 12, 1966, Billy Graham addressed the 150th Annual Meeting of The American Bible Society. Today, 53 years later, his warning about a culture that denies the authority of Scripture is even more urgent.   

It has been well over four centuries since William Tyndale was sentenced to death for translating the Bible into English. They heaped heavy logs around the stake. The executioner first strangled him and then burned his dead body at the stake.

We find in Tyndale’s ashes a symbol of the price paid by many heroes of the faith to give us our Bible. Miles Coverdale, who issued the first printed copy of the Scriptures in our language, was banished from England. The moldering bones of pioneer translator John Wycliffe were dug up 31 years after his burial and publicly desecrated.

Thus, when we read the Bible today, we must remember that every page has been preserved through the years by the tears, blood and agony of courageous men and women.