Steps to Peace With God

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For 50 years, God has been using a simple tract called “Steps to Peace With God” to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ. In four brief steps, people come to an understanding of how to find eternal life.

The following articles explain the four steps in detail so that, whether or not you are using a tract, you will have the necessary tools to explain to your friends and loved ones the Good News of Christ.







To order copies of the tract “Steps to Peace With God,” visit our online bookstore.

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  1. Lois barry says:

    An amazing man of God

  2. Candies Woodside says:

    I want to be more of a witness for Christ.

  3. Nancy Skotar says:

    Watching the funeral knowing where Billy now lives because what the Bible says.

  4. Lisa Modglin says:

    Thank you for your faithful service to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our world! Time for us to continue your work. To God be the glory.

  5. corrie gay says:

    I just want guidance to become a better witness for Christ.

  6. Joan Monahan says:

    I just wanted someone to help me be a better witness for Christ.

  7. Glen Switzer says:

    I clicked on your bookstore from the steps to peace with god, and it was no longer available. Do you still sell the gospel tracts steps to peace with God?

  8. Ashley Unzicker says:

    God used this tract to deliver the Good News to me when I was 25 years old in April, 2007. He revealed who I was without Him, who He was as my Rescuer and who I would be in Him through the text of this tract. I’m so grateful for Billy Graham and his ministry as well as the man who gave it to me. Now I’m married to the missions pastor of the largest sending in church in North America! I never would have guessed this would be what God would have for my life or that he could use a wretch like me to participate in His mission! I look forward to the day when I can meet and thank the faithful saints that brought God’s Word to me! -Ashley

  9. Nick Godfrey says:

    I am praying for those who needs a Personal Relationship with JESUS CHRIST!!!!