A Godly Heritage

By   •   October 31, 2008

“I was 11 years old,” Diana said. “I remember my mom sat right up front, about six or eight feet from the stage, and I sat with her. I remember seeing Mr. Graham, tall and distinguished, walking up to the podium. He was about the same age that Franklin is now.”

Diana’s mom, Frances Farley, is now 85, and she still has the Bible she received at the Minneapolis Crusade in 1961, with counseling verses underlined in red.

“Over the years, I can remember seeing that Bible in our home,” Diana said. “My mother lives in Atlanta now. I asked her about that Bible the other night. She went straight to it.”

When Diana heard about the Lowcountry Festival, she knew she would carry on her mom’s legacy. And her daughter, Hannah, would join her on the counseling floor, the first of a third generation of counselors in the Farley family.

“I am thankful for my godly heritage,” said Hannah, 20. “I have always known that my grandmother prays for me. My mom has continued with her faith, and God is continuing to use us through the Franklin Graham Festival. I think that’s amazing.”

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