Giants Among Us

By Ruth Bell Graham   •   November 9, 2007   •   Topics:

For example, an oil company was about to open a new operation in China. A committee was charged with finding a man to manage the new division. This manager had to meet four qualifications: He had to be under 30 years of age, a university graduate, a proven leader and have a fluent knowledge of Chinese. Each man considered was found lacking.

Then someone said that they had a friend meeting all the requirements who already was living in the very city where the company was planning to establish its headquarters. He was 28, had a brilliant college record, had three years’ study and practice in the Chinese language, plus he had the full confidence of the Chinese people among whom he was well known. The committee asked how much salary this friend was getting and was startled to learn that it was only $600 a year because he worked for a mission board.

After further questioning, the committee chairman appointed the man to go to China and gave him the instructions, “Hire that man. Offer him $10,000 a year. If that fails, offer him $12,000 or even $15,000.”

The man made the long trip, found his friend and made him the offer–which was declined. As instructed, the man raised the offer but was again refused.

Finally the man asked his friend, “What will you take?”

“It’s not a question of the salary,” the young missionary assured him. “The salary is tremendous. The trouble is with the job. The job is too little. I feel that God has called me to preach the Gospel of Christ. I should be a fool to quit preaching in order to sell oil.”

Such were the giants among whom we grew up.

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