The True Meaning of Christmas

By   •   November 22, 2006

In India at Christmastime, one can find Christmas trees and other decorations in hotels, restaurants and other public places. But few people understand the true meaning of Christmas—that it celebrates the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world. Last Christmas, BGEA worked with Christians in India to communicate the true message of Christmas through the My Hope Television Project. Ramuloo, now known as John, is one young man who watched the program. Below is his story:

For my education I attended classes at the home of Rani, a woman who teaches academic subjects to young people in her neighborhood. She also teaches about the Lord Jesus. As I learned from Rani, I started believing in Jesus in a general way, but I was not fully aware of who He is. With Rani’s guidance I began to read the Bible, and I had the desire to know more about Jesus.

I had often celebrated Christmas as one of the festivals, without really knowing what it is all about. Then one day I heard that people could go to Rani’s home to watch a program about the true meaning of Christmas. The program was part of the My Hope Project, and it was called “Asha the Boat.” The program tells the story of a boy who loses his father during a great storm. His mother struggles hard for their livelihood, depending completely on God.

As I watched the program, I could relate the story to my family’s struggles. My parents are uneducated and make their living from day to day, and in 1998 I had an accident in which I fractured my left leg. I decided that I did not want to be without a heavenly Father as the small boy in the program was without his father, because I needed God to lift me up in such troubles.

The program was an eye-opener to me. After watching it and hearing Rani tell her own testimony, several of us committed our lives to Christ.

Through watching the My Hope program I have come to know the true meaning of Christmas. The Lord Jesus, who came at Christmas, died on the cross of Calvary, shedding His blood for my shameful sins. He has given me happiness and the hope of eternal life. I have felt that hope and the change in me.

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