Obedience Training: A Lesson from Ruth Bell Graham

By Ruth Bell Graham   •   April 29, 2014

Every parent should read at least one good book on dog training. Odd how, in a day when children are notoriously disobedient, dog training and obedience classes are increasing in popularity. Basically the rules are simple.

Keep commands simple and at a minimum. One word to a command and always the same word. Come. Sit. Stay. Heel. Down. No. (I talk my children dizzy).

Be consistent.

Be persistent. Follow through. Never give a command without seeing it is obeyed.

When the dog responds correctly, praise him. (Not with food. Remember, don’t reward children materially for doing well. Your praise should be enough.)

It is a fine kettle of fish when our dogs are better trained than our children.

Taken by permission and adapted from “It’s My Turn” By Ruth Bell Graham. ©1982, The Ruth Bell Graham Literary Trust.


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  1. Dante Love Jones says:

    I believe our Children are our countries future and they need to be tenderly loved so they can be a blessings for the future and to continue to love other with the love of Christ daily Amen !!!!!