The Second Coming of Christ: Joyfully Serving the Master

By   •   April 30, 2009

In speaking of His Second Coming, Jesus told a story about a master who left three of his slaves in charge of various amounts of money. When the master returned, two of the slaves eagerly showed how they had enhanced their master’s holdings while he was away. A third slave accused his master of being hard and unreasonable, and he simply returned what had been given to him. While that servant was cast out, the two others were commended and told, “Enter into the joy of your master.” The following articles explore Jesus’ parable and the joy that we find in serving Him now and will ultimately experience for all eternity.

How Should We Wait for Jesus
The Joy of Jesus
Serving With Joy Where God Leads us
Digging Deeper: The Life of a Servant

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  1. Gary D Welch, DDS says:

    Praise God for Billy Graham and his ministry!

  2. Vincent Mastracchio says:

    Trust in God…we grow as Jesus Christ explores our inner soul…and frees our outer man…it is our surrender to Him..our obedience to Father God…our submissiveness to the Holy Spirit…we are to serve God in everything…we are to never sit back or be settled…God’s Glory is infinite…so must our quest share Him and wear Him🙏🙏🙏

  3. Loveta Buhler says:

    I await His return with excitement and hope and want to be all to Him you can be. Thankful for His great sacrifice. Thank you my Lord and my God.

  4. Cynthia Wood says:

    Billy Graham, a gift from above for all of us.