Small Prayers?

By Ruth Graham   •   May 1, 2008

Alone in the kitchen, catching up on the mail, I came across this very serious request sent to Samaritan’s Purse from a very serious 4-year-old supporter.
I laughed out loud.

Only the day before, I had been in Paris with Bill for Mission France. Much prayer had gone up all over France in behalf of those who might be unfulfilled spiritually and stifled materially.

And here was a small boy praying for a lizard.

And God, our Father, who so graciously answered prayer in France, cared also for the concern of one 4-year-old.

I wondered how God not only puts up with, but welcomes, our prayers, considering all He has on Him. Not once has He ever said, “Don’t bother Me. Don’t you see I’m busy?” And He so well could–with the world in its present condition.

But, no. Each person is special to Him Who calls every star by name, Who has the hairs of our heads numbered and Who knows the number of grains of sand on the ocean shores.

So even a little boy’s desire for a lizard would be duly noted. In fact, I imagine the angels themselves enjoyed that small request.

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