By Ruth Bell Graham   •   March 1, 2007

They are small items that initially may cost little or nothing but that increase startlingly in value in a relatively short period of time. Included are old stamps, rare coins, old photographs, paintings, even certain cans and bottles.

I got to thinking. What would be the best collectible for me? Something that would increase in value; something that would make me really wealthy; something I could share that would be a cushion in case of depression and could provide comfort in case of the death of a loved one or old age.

I had it! Bible verses. I had started long ago.

In China, Miss Lucy Fletcher offered us, her students, $5 (a lot of money for a missionary’s kid) if we would memorize the Sermon on the Mount. Hours and hours of going over and over Matthew 5, 6, 7. When the time came to recite it, I made one mistake and so I got only $4.50. But I wouldn’t take a thousand times that amount in place of having memorized it.

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