The Coat

By Ruth Bell Graham   •   March 31, 2006

The upper dining hall was cafeteria-style. Students ate at small tables and the atmosphere was decidedly more pleasant. The lower dining hall was in the basement of Williston Hall, a girl’s dormitory, and students ate family-style at long tables. The difference per semester wasn’t all that much. But there was a need, and we felt this was an opportunity to help.

Later I saw the student who was in need wearing a coat that I couldn’t afford. My instant reaction was indignation. Then it was as if the Lord Himself asked, “Are you doing this for her–or for Me?”

I had to admit that we were doing it because we loved Him.

“That’s all I wanted to know,” He said.

It was all I needed to know. After that, she could have worn sable and it would have made no difference to me.

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  1. Paula Crawley says:

    When I was most broken and living at a homeless shelter , I was able to “dress in the best BEST GARMENTS ” donated to their Thrift Shop