The Bible: Always Right, Always Reliable (introduction to Feature)

By The Editors   •   June 5, 2006

Recent events in our culture have thrown the Bible into the spotlight and have called its history, reliability and authority into question.

Providentially, these same events have compelled Christians to research and defend the basis for their hope so that they know for themselves why the Bible is God’s infallible message to all people.

Perhaps you have wondered, “Who decided which books ended up in the Bible?” “What is the connection between the Old and New Testaments?” “How will the world know the Bible’s truths when thousands of languages still don’t have a translation of Scripture?” Finally, and perhaps most important, “How can I understand these truths myself and practically live them out?”

We hope this feature will begin to answer these questions and fuel your passion for defending, spreading and obeying the Message that the God of the universe has handed down to us.–The Editors

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