Tea Time: A Selection From Ruth Bell Graham’s Writings

By Ruth   •   July 10, 2014

In one of F.W. Boreham’s books, he tells of an old Scottish woman living alone and very poor.

But she carefully tithed what little she had and gave to the church. When unable to attend service, she expected a deacon to drop by and collect her offering. The deacon knew well she could not afford it, but knowing also that she would be deeply offended if he did not collect it, he was careful to stop by.

It was late afternoon one day when he made his visit.

Old Mary was sitting near a window having tea.

“The tithe is on the mantel,” she said, greetings over. “Won’t ye sit and have a cup of tea?”

The deacon sat, and when Mary passed him his cup, he looked down in surprise and exclaimed:

“Why, Mary! It’s only water ye have!”

“Aye!” said old Mary. “But He makes it taste like tea!”

Taken by permission and adapted from “Legacy of a Pack Rat,” By Ruth Bell Graham. ©1989, The Ruth Bell Graham Literary Trust.

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  1. joyce dupree says:

    Hi: I loved all of your mothers writings and bible studies. Please post more of them. They are so encourageing to every one. Thanks, Joyce Dupree

  2. Feben tamrat says:

    Faith in jesus that is all we are asked for….. Bless us with it lord

  3. khrisna says:

    Inspiring for life… it is her faith to God so she can see what others can’t.

  4. njiangong says:

    it gives me new thinking. as i introspect on my life especially in the area of giving to God, i feel i am not doing enough. It’s also not the amount but the heart he counts.Thank you for such an article. I want to have the heart like her’s.